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Green Eyed Cat

About me

Yep, it's a bit long.... I like to write... I hope you like to read...


When it all started...

Country girl, I have always loved animals, cats, dogs,... I fell in love with the Norwegian in 2006, during a cat show near my home. I then contacted the president of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club, who taught me a lot and gave me valuable advice.

In 2007, I bought my first female, Cannelle de Chadardate, without yet having the idea of breeding. 1 year later, the little Swiss Paillette von der Masuren came to join her. With these 2 pretty girls, I did some exhibitions where my kittens received beautiful prizes. Working alongside breeders, I too had the desire to get started and grow well-typed kittens and also contribute to promoting this unique cat. Certificate of capacity, affix, ... were the logical continuation and the small cattery of the gardens of Vurey, near Lyon, was born....

Then came the happiness of the first litters.

But, due to expatriation, my small breeding had to stop very quickly, too quickly


Asia, forever in my heart

40s maybe...want to change, get out of his comfort zone and emerging husband got a job Asia. It was inconceivable for me to continue breeding in these tropical climates. My females were therefore sterilized and embarked with us for more exotic adventures.

Paillette didn't come back from there and a part of my heart stayed there too​.


Back to France

The children leave the family nest for their studies, and a feeling of incompleteness made me want to restart a small family breeding. After several months of research, I found a pretty Dutch girl with a great pedigree, Sterrenkatten's Blackberry.

As my small breeding was taking shape and I was starting new research for a future breeding male, a new (professional) opportunity presented itself...


A canadian Adventure

We are moving to Canada this summer 2022. In this country, however, going to the end of my new project seems, although more difficult, still possible. In any case, you have to try it to not regret anything.

What better than the Canadian climate to have beautiful Norwegians with winter finery?

The Norwegian forest cat is, moreover, pretty rare here, unlike its large American cousin the Maine Coon or more eastern breeds. It is quite logical, the breed is, above all, bred on the old continent and its Scandinavian origin makes it possible to find magnificent representatives there whose descendants are found in breeding located throughout Europe now.

I modestly hope to contribute to making known this magnificent breed, the Norwegian is such an endearing cat and so easy to live with….

To find out more about his look and character, visit "the Norwegian"

Breeding skills

- ACACED holder (2009 then 2021): in France, to be able to practice as a livestock professional, it is necessary to pass a knowledge exam. This certificate of capacity is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

As I said before, breeding is a passion, it's not my job, I don't make a living from it. A lawyer by training, I am a senior executive in the French public service and, before our expatriation, I worked for the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

On the other hand, even as an individual, I want to practice in a professional way, with respect for animal well-being and the best hygiene and health conditions, which is why I regularly follow training courses related to cat breeding.

In Canada, I am a member of:

- cats canada cats (CCC)

In France :

- "Norwegian Esprit nfo" breed club

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