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Family breeding
Norwegian Forest Cats

Les jardins de Vurey

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Update 18.04.23: the 2023 waiting list is open, 

mating planned as soon as our lion S'Zygot's Pimpim is ready , contact us! 

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  cattery les jardins de Vurey

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My values: family breeding and quality

health first

A very small breeding at home

Meets breed standard

My cats come from genetically tested parents and then are themselves tested.  They are also tested periodically for possible heart problems.

I am restarting a small breeding here in Quebec, so I only have 1 male and 1 female but 5 cats will be a maximum, to remain a family breeding, just for the passion of the breed. In addition, I can easily devote time to them and promote their enrichment. My nono are above all family members who live with us, cats well in their heads and in their paws

I carefully chose my Swedish and Norwegian bloodlines. Moreover, I have always had my cats judged at shows. It is important that they are "officially" recognized as conforming to the standard to be sure of having kittens that will have all the qualities of the Norwegian

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If you are interested in becoming a super family for one of my kittens:
1: browse my site to verify you share my breeding ethics
2: feel free to send me an email to introduce yourself (you, your family, your way of life)
I usually reply to emails within 48-72 hours

Thank you 

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